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"Binôme féminin d’origine française, nos fabricantes de bruit en synthétique Cacophoneuses (soit Sandra plus Joséphine) prennent pied chez Hands après une apparition remarquée à l’édition 2013 du festival Fondation Sonore, suivie d’une autre performance au festival et jalon electro Maschinenfest.

Outre sa présence sur des formats compilation (le récent Forms of Hands 14), voici que se matérialise pour les filles un premier chapitre long en la collection de travaux The Myth of Lorelei, matérialisation d’une véritable obsession rythmique".

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"Behind this new signed group on Hands is hiding Sandra and Joséphine. Both French industrial girls already got some live reputation, but their “The Myth Of Lorelei” will bring them to conquer a wider audience.
This production left me breathless for its unusual approach mixing hard technoid beats with heavy industrial ingredients leading to pure noise loops. Cacophoneuses sounds like a monstrous noise engine that has lost control. But if you expect a sort of chaotic heavy power-noise style you’ll be disappointed. Aside of the furious elements this album has been made of you’ll notice a subtle composition built up with little sound details and precise electro arrangements. I don’t know if we here can speak about a female touch although it’s an unusual, but simply amazing approach".

"The Myth Of Lorelei’ is the first album from the female duo Sandra and Josephine. This techno noise band was formed in France in 2011. With their heavy beats and distortions accompanied by electronic sequences they made a big impression on me at the ‘Maschinenfest’ last year, and also as the opening act at the Forms Of Hands Festival this year.

This debut album will make you move and dance for sure. Hearty technoid beats and soundscapes almost on every track. A perfect mixture between rhythm ‘n’ noise and techno. After the atmospheric intro ‘ The Most Beautiful Nymphs’, it all starts with eleven rhythmic tracks. From the tribal track ‘You Have Bewitched Me’ to distorted techno like ‘ With Eyes Full Of Stones’. Personal I like their industrial dance sound the most, tracks like ‘Die Of Love’ or , my favorite, ‘Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats’’, will make you move for sure.

This French female duo brings with ‘The Myth Of Lorelei’ a very strong debut, and a sincere recommendation to anyone who is into rhythm ‘ n’ noise with a strong techno flavor"

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